Material Experience Design | Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo

Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory


This installation, named (un)shaped, utilizes bubbles in water as a medium. Pouring droplets into the water gently from the top, bubbles are generated in it. This phenomenon is called an anti-bubble, which is a droplet encapsulated by a thin film of gas. Unlike normal air bubbles, anti-bubbles float slowly inside the liquid and often show iridescent surface reflections. In this installation, the number of droplets from nozzles are computationally controlled. By pouring droplets, the anti-bubbles start to form various patterns underneath the water’s surface. After inflating to a certain size, they leave the surface and float in the water, then disappear after a while. Through these periodic phenomena, continuous morphing from computationally controlled forms to organic ones, mediated by the environment, is shown.


Takayuki Hirai + Yasuaki Kakehi: (un)shaped, Ars Electronica Festival 2019