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Fabrication of Shape-Changing Edible Structures by Extrusion-Based Printing and Baking

Yumi Nishihara and Yasuaki Kakehi


In the field of HCI, methods for creating morphing food have required the process of making sheets and cutting out the shapes by hand. In order to simplify the fabrication process and further expand the customization and design of shape-changing foods, we have developed magashi, a new method which enables users to design food in different shapes with intricate patterns by utilizing extrusion-based food printing and baking. With our technique, the printed food with mesh patterns can form into curved structures when baked. In order to realize this method, the material’s ingredients, printing patterns, and thickness were optimized to control the drying process of the material, consequently inducing it to bend upward or downward during baking. We also propose several applications for creating shape-changing food and cutlery in different shapes, patterns and curvatures.





Yumi Nishihara and Yasuaki Kakehi. 2021. Magashi: Fabrication of Shape-Changing Edible Structures by Extrusion-Based Printing and Baking. In Creativity and Cognition (C&C ’21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 44, 1. DOI: