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Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory


A Kinetic Installation with Shape-Changing Liquid

Takuya Matsunobu and Yasuaki Kakehi

Coworo is an installation with a shape-changing liquid that loses its texture under a spotlight and looks almost solid. After a while, bubbles appear on the surface and disappear again, as if it were breathing. The waves gradually change their size, position, and frequency and develop into physical, continual, kinetic, three-dimensional animations that extend beyond the discrete 2D pixel pattern. Through the hybrid combination of the digitally programmed machine and the organic properties of the physical material, the object creates a constant flux of ephemeral shapes and patterns.


Takuya Matsunobu + Yasuaki Kakehi: “Coworo”, 大阪芸術大学, (2018.12)
Takuya Matsunobu + Yasuaki Kakehi: “Coworo”, Ars Electronica Center Exhibition, (2019.5-)