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Ars Electronica Festival 2021でAlgaphonを展示します

今年はオンラインと現地のハイブリッドで開催されるArs Electronica Festival2021にて、新作のAlgaphonを展示します。
(声を吹き込むには LIVE STREAM -> RECORD YOUR AUDIO MESSAGEにお進みください。ChromeとFirefox推奨)


Harpreet Sareen + Franziska Mack + Yasuaki Kakehi


Urban environments and manicured nature, with unseen native diversity, have resulted in forgotten evolutionary histories and a reduced understanding of ecosystem relations. In this context, especially the aquatic plant biosphere is the object of collective amnesia. Algaphon is a hybrid installation where algae bubbles that ring at Minnaert frequency near algal filaments are rendered audible through a hydrophone. Online visitors can leave a voice message that is translated into photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) variations in a remote aquarium. The algae bubble’s response to human speech is then recorded and emailed back to the visitor to engage in a reflective dialog with algal species. The installation refocuses attention on nonvascular physiological mechanisms and invites viewers to think about how environments exist in a heightened dynamic to adapt to human actions.