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Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory

Studio Workshop in ACM SIGGRAPH2018

東京大学/慶應義塾大学 筧康明研究室は、2018年8月12〜15日にバンクーバーで開催されるコンピュータグラフィクスとインタラクティブテクノロジーの世界最大規模の国際会議ACM SIGGRAPH2018にて、以下の発表を行います。

Wataru Date and Yasuaki Kakehi. 2018. Paperprinting: a machine for prototyping paper and its applications for graphic design. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Studio (SIGGRAPH ’18). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 8, 2 pages. DOI:

Abstract: In this research, we propose a system which makes paper through an additive manufacturing process by using a dispenser mounted on XY plotter. By using our system, graphic designers can design and output paper itself which is hard in an existing paper production process. This time, we designed and implemented a machine for fabricating paper and created several output examples. In SIGGRAPH, we will provide a workshop for participants to design their original paper using our machines.